About Mini… The Dough-Nut

It was a typical sunny day in Seattle when I came up with the first slogan. Searching tirelessly, my wife and I finally found somewhere to get coffee and donuts since there’s hardly any in this town. Starting out as a joke at first, it became conceptualized eventually. “I Love The Dough, More Than You Know” was what she said after she finished that donut with a cute powder sugar mole left above her lip. I agreed with her point and then she was born. Miniā€¦The Dough-Nut was based on my wife and her fun loving attitude. Later we decided to change the slogan.

We wanted to create a non greasy, fresh donut in an upbeat atmosphere. So we searched for something different and set out on the journey. We purchased a little food trailer and named it the “Lunch Box,” because of its donut like cylindrical shape.

We’re a unique donut trailer offering a variety of unusual toppings with a side of smooth grooves wafting through the air along with our delicious aromas. So if you suddenly smell something sweet and see an even sweeter little donut shack on wheels with music; stop by and Tag-Line-svg