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Mini… The Dough-Nut

Serving it up Fresh and Hot

Mini… The Dough-Nut has embarked on a sweet mission while glazing the Seattle area with a scrumptious new mini donut in an interesting mini trailer. We have formulated a non greasy donut that is made fresh and hasn’t sat for extended periods. The light crunch of the perfectly cooked dough coupled with the soft inside makes any topping a perfect accomplice. Our donut aromas and the warm Hershey’s chocolate can be smelled from a block away. If your sweet tooth is requesting something more exquisite, then Nutella would be best suitable and for all the other Dough-Nut’s out there looking for something even sweeter, you can choose from six crushed candy bar toppings.

Mini… and our team believe that the customer should not only be enlightened with our donuts but we want your smile to forever be associated with us. We seek to provide a great customer experience through a quality donut and attention to the details.